Video: Alligator Nearly Eats Mobile Gaming CEO


Big Movement Gaming even makes alligators better! We took the mobile game to meet some of the roughest, toughest alligators around. We didn't get e...

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Video: Big Movement Gaming Makes Skydiving Better


Big Movement Gaming even makes skydiving better! We took the new mobile app game to a vertical wind tunnel to see whether it would make even skydiv...

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Video: Animals Lose Their Shit over Big Movement Gaming


This week I visited Philadelphia to pitch Keiretsu Forum, the world's largest network of angel investors. They loved our pitch and invited me to tour ...

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Diversity Outreach at the Venture Cafe in Roxbury


The Venture Cafe, one of the most prestigious entrepreneur and investment forums in New England, invited Monsarrat to Roxbury for a night of demonstra...

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