Video: River Rescue for Big Movement Gaming!


We took Big Movement Gaming whitewater rafting and dropped it into a river for two days. Then we had to rescue it! Big Movement Gaming is the forth...

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Video: Let's Go Rock Climbing With Big Movement Gaming


Is it a bad idea to play a mobile game with one hand, trying to rock climb with the other? Yes, it is! But we did it anyway to show how Big Movemen...

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Video: Going Over Niagara Falls with Big Movement Gaming!


Big Movement Gaming is our forthcoming augmented reality walking game, like a supercharged, far-future version of Pokemon Go. You move big through you...

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Video: Jet Skiing with Big Movement Gaming


Let's go jet skiing with Big Movement Gaming! With AR walking games like ours, you don't just sit at home. You get outside and walk around your cit...

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