Video: Let's Take a Pirate Cruise with Big Movement Gaming


Do pirates love augmented reality gaming? ARRRRRRRR! Of course they do! Big Movement Gaming is the forthcoming game from Monsarrat! Monsarrat's fou...

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Video: Jousting with Big Movement Gaming!


At Renaissance Fairs, you can find actors on horseback, playing knights who joust! But will augmented reality gaming make it better? It did! With B...

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Video: Let's Take AR Gaming Whitewater Rafting!


Here at Monsarrat, we're hard at work building Big Movement Gaming, the next big leap in gameplay and technology past Pokemon Go. You'll walk around y...

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Video: Big Movement Gaming Makes Giant Trees Better


Big Movement Gaming gets you out of the house and exploring your neighborhood. You might even find a giant tree! Big Movement Gaming is the upcomin...

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