Video: Big Movement Gaming Makes Ren Faires Better


The Monsarrat team went out to the Robin Hood Faire in North Haven, Connecticut, and found several performers willing to play with the app for the cam...

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Monsarrat visits Warner Bros.


Big Movement Gaming makes Warner Bros. better! My first videogames company, Turbine, got acquired by Warner Bros. a long time ago. Now in 2017, War...

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Video: Robots and Pranks at Turbine


Many of us at Monsarrat, Inc previously worked at Turbine. Inc, founded in 1994. But what came before? We built world record robots! That's right. ...

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Video: Big Movement Gaming Makes Japanese Festivals Better


The next big thing after Pokemon Go, Big Movement Gaming, showed up at Boston's Japanese Festival this month. It turned out that Big Movement Gamin...

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