Landscape Reality

We’re creating another new category of game, Landscape Reality (LR). It’s an entire landscape of AR gaming.

There’s a great variety of PC and console games, but so far AR walking games — a brand new gaming platform — have all been about collecting stuff. That works for Pokémon Go, because all they do in the cartoon is to collect stuff.

But it doesn’t work for big movie worlds. Harry Potter and James Bond don’t spend all their time collecting stuff. Players want real storytelling and player interaction. We know something about that, with our founder having co-created MMO games.

Our game is a full roleplaying game that you play outdoors, in augmented reality.

And, not for nothing, roleplaying games retain players longer and monetize players better than casual collecting games.

How It Works

In Pokémon Go, you have to walk to dozens or even hundreds of fixed locations. That’s not convenient.

With our games, you choose where to play, and we instantiate a game zone just for you.

It’s all based on three patents that fit the game zones into real world spaces, even if they are too small, have a strange shape, or have obstacles like park benches.

With our Team Spirits technology, you can even play a mission with someone in a different park.

A Good Deed


This game is important to us because it gets players walking. That’s good for physical health and mental health.

And players and can make new friends in the real world. That’s a really good deed in the global crisis of loneliness.

Now we just need you! Apply to join the team.