Our Vision

Niantic Gave AR Walking Games a Bad Name

Pokemon Go was a giant hit, but then Niantic got stuck. They were so starstruck by Pokemon Go’s success, and so deeply invested into their database of map points, that they just tried to copy Pokemon Go for other movie franchises.

But Harry Potter and Marvel heroes don’t spend all their time collecting stuff! Fans want adventures instead. It turns out that “collecting stuff” just isn’t good for storytelling. And, a game that makes you go to dozens of fixed map pinpoints, all over your city, just has too much walking.

That doesn’t mean that AR walking games are dead. It means change the gameplay.

Outdoor RPGs

PC and Console games have dozens of genres. With tech giants pouring billions into augmented reality, AR walking games are ready to evolve past “collecting stuff” to something new.

We make Outdoor Roleplaying Games.

Our approach, now available as a test game, is a full roleplaying game that you play outdoors. Roleplaying games retain players longer and monetize players better. And deep storytelling and player interaction fit most movie franchises better than just collecting stuff.

It’s a new category of video game! We know something about that, with our founder having co-created MMO gaming.

How It Works

In Pokémon Go, you have to walk to dozens or even hundreds of fixed locations. That’s not convenient, and it’s no good for storytelling, which fans of most movie franchises demand.

With our games, there are no fixed locations. You choose where to play, and we instantiate a game zone just for you. It’s a contiguous game zone we call “Landscape Reality”, an entire landscape of content that you walk around to play.

It’s all based on 4 patents that fit the game zones into real world spaces or have obstacles like park benches. You can even play in a small space like your own backyard.

With our Team Spirits technology, you can even play a mission with someone in a different park.

A Good Deed

Outdoor RPGs are a less athletic and more creative alternative to sports. We get players outside and walking! That’s great for physical health and mental health.

Our future game can even match players and give them a safe daytime public park to play in, and an ice breaker activity to bond them. We can help them make a new friend in the real world, not just online.

That’s a good deed in the global crisis of loneliness.

Now we just need you! Apply to join the team.

See these videos for more on our vision.