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Outdoor Video Games Are Stuck at Entry Level

Outdoor video games like Pokémon Go were great at first. But more than 8 years later, they haven’t evolved. Players get bored quickly and drop out. Most turn off the AR feature. 

That’s nothing like MMO games on PC and console, which are powerhouses of storytelling, community, and player interaction. Players stay for years and years.

Our founder, Johnny Monsarrat, was one of the original co-inventors of MMO gaming. He was Founder, CEO, and CTO of Turbine, one of the “big three” first MMO game companies. Turbine made “Game of the Year” Asheron’s Call and “Game of the Year” Lord of the Rings Online, and is now a division of Warner Bros.

MMOs and Outdoor Video Games… what if they got married and had a baby?

The World's First Outdoor RPG

That’s what we do. We add MMO elements to AR mobile walking games. It’s the world’s first outdoor RPG!

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It’s a completely new category of video game, never seen before! It’s:

  • Social. MMO style gameplay brings players together in quest parties and teams, building friendships and community.
  • Creative. We go beyond “collecting stuff” gameplay to deep storytelling and roleplaying adventures. Immersive AR interactivity is central to gameplay. Future players will create their own adventures.
  • Convenient. We have no fixed locations. You play anywhere you want to, in a local park, your own backyard, or any open space, even if it’s small or indoors.

Our outdoor video games aren’t entry level. They are next level. They could be the next big thing!

While we’re working on a future full game, try our demo game!

Landing Party is available now on Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s got 12 missions including a shooter mission, a hide-and-seek mission, a puzzle mission, and 9 maze missions!

The "Best Game at the Show"!

 See our videos with press and player reactions with some calling it the “best game of the show” at GDC!

And in print:

How It Works

In Pokémon Go, you have to walk to dozens or even hundreds of fixed locations, and each has only one creature. That’s inconvenient, and doesn’t support storytelling, which movie franchises require.

Our games have no fixed locations. It’s your choice where to place a “game zone”. That’s a 2D map space with a landscape of hundreds of 3D models that you walk through. We call it “Landscape Reality”, an entire landscape of AR content!

It’s based on 4 patents that fit game zones into real world spaces, and let you move them around barriers like park benches and bushes. You can play in a large park, or a small space like your back yard. See that in our company videos.

With our Team Spirits technology, you’ll even be able to play a mission with someone in a different park.

An Alternative to Sports

Kids play creative outdoor games like Hide and Go Seek, or Capture the Flag. But as adults, it feels like if you want to go outside, it’s either sports or nothing.

Well, our Outdoor RPGs sit in-between sports and video games. It gets gamers outside and walking, but you don’t have to be an athlete, and it’s more creative than sports. It gives sporty people a video game that doesn’t make you sit statically, indoors.

A New Kind of "Immersion"

Most video games are a break from life, a stress break. Immersive games “feel real”, but your body knows the truth: you’re sitting statically in your mom’s basement, with all the lights off. VR is “fully immersive” but even worse: you put your head in a prison where you can’t even see your mom when she comes down with cookies.

Our games don’t separate you from life. They connect you to life.

You explore your neighborhood, engaging with trees, grass, squirrels, and feeling part of your community, seeing passersby and an AR game landscape on your phone. That’s a kind of “immersion” you could never get with other games. It doesn’t just “feel real”. It is real.

You could pet a stranger’s dog, buy your mom a gift, take photos of the sunset, or make a friend who could change your life. Your real life.

A Good Deed

In the global crisis of loneliness, we turn to social media and video games when we want to feel connected. But we know today that online friendships aren’t enough. 71% of US Millenials, and 79% of Gen Z say they feel lonely.

Video games where you sit at home can be a good stress break, but you pause your life. You aren’t living your life. Depression drains people of wanting to take control of their lives. We spend so much time online that we’ve forgotten how to connect with others.

We can help. Our game gets you outside and walking! That’s great for physical and mental health. Walking changes your body chemistry; it literally makes you happy to walk around.

In the future, we can even help you make a new friend in the real world. Players who want to meet will get a safe daytime public park, and the game as an ice breaker.

That’s a good deed. Just imagine the people you could meet, with the game basically a team-building exercise that bonds you together, similar to playing sports but without the sweat.

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