Electronic communities build nothing. You wind up with nothing. We are dancing animals. How beautiful it is to get up and go out and do something. We are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

-Kurt Vonnegut

Old Gaming

Pokémon Go earned $2 billion because of:

  • The Pokémon creative property
  • The augmented reality eye candy
  • The novel gameplay of exploring the real world

But the lost almost all its players in weeks because it was:

  • Boring, with a shallow storyline, repetitive content, and only one way to play,
  • Non-social, with no real way to interact with friends or meet new people,
  • Isolating, where players feel alone, not part of a global web of big competing factions,
  • Lackluster, with its poor augmented reality technology that most users just turned off, and
  • Transient, where because nothing is permanent, players can’t express themselves or make a mark on the world.

Big Movement Gaming

Monsarrat solves this with a new type of mobile gaming, based on 8 patents we’re filing. We call it Big Movement Gaming because:

  • Like massively multiplayer online games, players join big movements of competing factions, rising up in the hierarchy to boss other players around,
  • Like AR games, they move big, exploring the game world by moving through the real world, looking through their smart phones, meeting real people and making friends,
  • And it’s a big new movement in videogames.

We’ll keep players for years through deep gameplay, sensational AR technology, and because they won’t want to let down the friends they’ve made in the game and the teams they’ve become loyal to. Directed gameplay will give players rich, story-based reasons to explore the world. Group hierarchies help players socialize and give each other more to do. Users can add their own game world content, participate in scavenger hunts, and follow clue paths that take them all over town.


The Platform

First we’ll create a platform, a technology that lets anyone create an augmented reality mobile walking game.

Think how expensive it would be to build a million alarm clocks. You need a power adapter, an LCD display, buttons, a speaker, and more. But building a mobile app alarm clock is easy. The smart phone is a platform that provides the power, display, user interface, and speakers, so that app developers don’t need to.

Our augmented reality experience platform will work the same way. We don’t compete with AR graphics platforms like Google ARCore and Apple ARKit. Instead we build on their support, which is limited to graphics, to provide an entire ecosystem for AR experiences. Plug in your sponsored app, your homemade app, your professional app. Get access to our community. Make money. We support you.

The Plan

Right now our focus is entirely on our technology platform for AR gaming, and a first game to prove it, based on a multi-billion dollar TV / movie franchise. It’s a secret, but we can say it’s one of these:

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