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Physical. Social. Local. Global.

The new videogames don't separate you from life. They are life. They are millions of people who want to play live and in person in the real world.

In one month, Pokémon Go earned $268 million. In two months, they lost 80% of players. We add longevity to augmented reality gaming with our experience in MMO games (like World of Warcraft), a $20 billion annual market. First we're focused on a mobile AR game. Then we'll launch a platform for AR experiences.

You move big through the real world making friends. You join big movements of players fighting for global control.

From the World's Best Qualified Team
to Surpass Pokémon Go

Johnny Monsarrat
Founder/CEO of Turbine, a $160 million Warner Bros. acquisition. Invented MMO gaming, now a $20 billion industry.

Brian Sullivan
Co-creator of Age of Empires, Titan Quest, whose games have sold 25 million copies, earning $1 billion worldwide.

Dozens of Big Movers
Whose previous MMO and mobile games include Age of Empires, Asheron's Call, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Game of Thrones: Conquest, and Titan Quest.

Play for Years

Pokémon Go flew high but crashed quickly. Big movement games last longer, combining the longevity of Massively Multiplayer Online Games with the real world, social, exploration play of Augmented Reality.

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