Playing outdoors is thrilling, good for mental and physical health.

This is Landscape Reality:
An entire landscape of AR gaming.

With most games, you take a break from life.

With our game, you’re living life, walking outdoors in the real world.

We put a theme park in your public park.


A Completely New Type of Game

We've created a new category of game before.

Our founder, Johnny Monsarrat, previously co-created the $54B MMO game market, by founding Turbine, which made one of the "big three" first MMO games, Asheron's Call. Turbine also made Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, and is now part of Warner Bros.

Our new company, based in Los Angeles and Warsaw, notices that AR walking games so far have all been about collecting stuff. That works for Pokémon Go, but it doesn’t work for big movie worlds. In Harry Potter and Star Wars they don’t spend all their time collecting stuff. Players want real storytelling.

That's what we do. We make a full roleplaying game in augmented reality that gets laid out in a public park, for you to walk around and explore.

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