Test Game “Landing Party” Is A New Category Of Gaming

Nov 14, 2023

We did it! Monsarrat is glad to announce the launch of Landing Party, a completely new type of video game never seen before by anyone.

Unlike Pokémon Go, with its “collecting game” gameplay, Landing Party is an Outdoor RPG, a roleplaying game where an entire game world is laid out across a local park. You don’t just see one creature. You walk through a landscape of game content, interacting with environments, objects, buildings, and creatures with deep storytelling.

Download it from Apple App Store, and we’ll soon have it available for Android on Google Play.

Monsarrat is a startup and Landing Party is just a test game, to show the concept and enable us to raise more funding. Please be kind in your reviews and ratings as we build this into a full game. However, Landing Party is much more than a demo. You’ll find substantial gameplay, with 12 missions.

We’d love to get your feedback! Join our Discord server, or email us at contact@monsarrat.com.