Video: Let's Take Big Movement Gaming to a Halloween Haunted House


What happens when you get surprises in augmented reality, but also in reality reality? Let's take Big Movement Gaming to a haunted house for Halloween...

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Video: River Rescue for Big Movement Gaming!


We took Big Movement Gaming whitewater rafting and dropped it into a river for two days. Then we had to rescue it! Big Movement Gaming is the forth...

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Video: Let's Go Rock Climbing With Big Movement Gaming


Is it a bad idea to play a mobile game with one hand, trying to rock climb with the other? Yes, it is! But we did it anyway to show how Big Movemen...

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Video: Going Over Niagara Falls with Big Movement Gaming!


Big Movement Gaming is our forthcoming augmented reality walking game, like a supercharged, far-future version of Pokemon Go. You move big through you...

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