Hello, ImmersiveUnity!

Secret Test Now Available

its  e are an ImmersiveUnity investment run by Johnny Monsarrat, who previously created a new category of video games: MMOs.

Johnny Monsarrat was Founder, CEO, and CTO of Turbine, which made Asheron’s Call, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Lord of the Rings Online, and was bought by Warner Bros. for $160 million.

Our new company notes that Niantic’s technology for Pokémon Go, with fixed GPS locations and a “collecting” gameplay, didn’t work when they tried it with Harry Potter and Marvel. That’s because. Harry Potter and Marvel heroes don’t spend all their time collecting Pokémon!. Fans want real storytelling.

That’s what we do. Our 4 patents reinvent AR walking games for roleplaying adventures. Our CMO was Global Marketing Lead for Games at Google Play. Our advisors include former PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton, former Niantic VP BusDev Jenna Seiden, and former Lucasfilm COO David Anderman.

We have a mini game now in beta test, and are giving early access to the ImmersiveUnity community! We are seeking:

  • Testers. What’s annoying or confusing about the game? Can you break it?
  • Investors. Whom can you send us to? Our current angel / small seed round has a minimum of only $10,000, but we’re getting ready to open a much larger seed round and are seeking larger investors, also.
  • Developers. We are only a startup, but if you’d like to work for stock, we are on the rise!

See our videos, or download the game from its secret location on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Questions or feedback? Email Johnny at jmonsarrat@monsarrat.com.

In our stunt videos we show our AR game to sharks and  monkeys, and take it parasailing and riding a tank!

People at Game Developer Conference called us the “best innovation at the show”!