Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

It’s a brand new category of video game, never seen before! Here’s our vision.

But this is just our first mini game. Please be kind with ratings and reviews as we build a full game.

Get the game on Apple App Store or Google Play. Here’s our How to Play video.

There are no fixed locations. You place the game world onto any open, flat space. Then walk safely and stay aware of your environment. That’s in our terms of use!

For some tips, go to our YouTube channel for videos that show walking through each mission.

Where can I play?

The game will not work indoors. So get outside!

But you don’t need a large outdoor space. A small space will work, at least 4×4 meters.

If the game world is too large for the physical space, that’s okay! You can manually move the game world around. We call that “Grab the Game”! See our How to Play Video.

Pick a place where you can walk around safely. If you had a frisbee or a soccer ball, could you play here?


Small space for the game

But what if I really want to play indoors?

Okay, okay. The game actually will work indoors, if you’ve got room to walk and a GPS signal.

But it’s a terrible first experience. It’s a terrible way to learn how to play. The biggest mistake is choosing a room cluttered with furniture. The game will not work there.

So try it outside, we beg you. It’s fun. The sun and birds and stuff are out there. It’s great. Maybe you’ll find an uneaten donut. Mmm, free donut.

What's the age rating on the game?

The game is rated 12+, because little kids shouldn’t be walking around on their own. Some of the missions have cartoon violence, but the Emergency Landing mission doesn’t.

Can I play at night?

Yes, but in brightly lit areas only.

You can’t play in the dark, because if your phone camera can’t “see”, the game can’t track the position of the game world. Who wants to play in the dark, anyway? There’s where the bats are. Vampire bats.


What if the sun is too bright to see my screen?

That can happen! It depends how bright your phone screen is, and whether you’re playing at noon on a very sunny day.

Take off your sunglasses and turn up your phone’s brightness.

Or find a nice shady tree to play under, and use the “Grab the Game” feature to keep the entire game world under the shadow of the tree. Moving the game world is explained in our How to Play video.

If you want to nitpick, the brightness is quite good on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has a peak brightness of 1750 nits. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a peak brightness of 2000 nits. 

What if my arm gets tired?

You’re holding the phone too far out. Just hold the phone normally.

If you’re near-sighted, take off your glasses, just like you would do walk around with a map app.

Don’t hold the phone right up to your face. Hold it at a normal distance.

Don’t cover the phone camera with your hand. We need that to track the game world.

Don’t hunch over. The game world isn’t at your feet. It’s at eye level, in the real world all around you.


It seems like you put game stuff halfway into a building, or in the street?

That wasn’t us! You put it there, when you set up the game zone. We can’t have perfect knowledge of the real world. Please choose open, safe, walkable places to play.

Fortunately, you can move the game world anytime!

If there’s a game location that you can’t walk to, “Grab the Game” and put it where you can. It’s easy and takes just 2 seconds. See our How to Play video.

This is also the secret to playing large missions in small spaces. Just move the game world around and you’ll be able to physically get everywhere you need to go in the game world.

What if there's a park bench and I can't walk where I need to go?

Same answer! Use “Grab the Game” to move the game world to avoid trees, bushes, picnic benches, or other barriers. That’s in our How to Play video.

It’s also how you avoid getting too close to other people in the park. If there’s a family having a picnic or playing frisbee, Grab the Game and play somewhere else.


Where am I? What do I do?

Every mission has instructions and notifications to tell you what to do next.

Often you’ll see a yellow arrow at the bottom pointing you where you’re supposed to go. If the arrow turns red, an alien is attacking you.

The mazes are in development and you can’t interact with anything yet. Just walk and try to find the exit! Markers on the floor will help you find tricky maze turns and branches.

If something in the game confuses you anyway, we’d love to get your feedback. Email us.

The game worlds keeps moving?

That’s not a bug! If you try to walk through a rock, or anything in the game, the game world moves away, so you can’t intersect. That’s explained in our How to Play video.

Try it. Try to walk through stuff in the game, and you’ll see. Listen for the “bumping a wall” sound.

So if you get stuck behind a rock or something, walk around it. If you’re walking but it looks like you’re not going anywhere in the game world, you’re probably stuck on something. Walk around it.


I'm tapping but I can't interact with stuff?

There’s a lot of stuff in the game like rocks where if you tap on it, nothing will happen. Also you can’t shoot the friendly game characters, or speak with them if you’re in the wrong place in the story. We’ll flesh all that out later. This is only a mini game, our first ever little test game.

To use a tool in the lower right, tap the tool. For example, tap the space gun, not the thing you want to shoot. The mazes are in development and you can’t interact with anything yet.

If you really can’t tap on something you should be able to, the side of your thumb might be confusing the game. Try playing with both hands free, holding the phone in one hand and tapping with the other. Or, you might be right on top of what you’re trying to tap on. Take a step back.

What about AR glasses?

You don’t need AR glasses or a headset to play! Just play on your iPhone or Android phone.

But, we’re working to support XREAL AR glasses. Other brands like Apple VisionPro and Meta Quest just aren’t ready yet for games where you walk around.

While you’re waiting, try this trick: turn your phone horizontal while playing.


The game seems pretty basic? What are you working on next?

We’re just a startup company and this is only a mini game. Please be kind with ratings and reviews. We’re basically just putting this little game out there for fundraising.

Do you know an investor? Contact us.

We are working hard to build a full game with a Hollywood franchise!

Join our mailing list for updates and access to our secret beta test. See these videos for more.

The game world is moving up and down?

That’s not a bug. That’s a feature!

The game wants stuff to look set on the ground, not floating in air. When you walk up or down a small hill, that height changes and the game adjusts.

It’s not perfect. During “ground calibration”, point the phone at the ground where you’re standing. If you point the phone downhill, the game world gets put too low and you’ll become a giant! Fee fi fo fum.

The game doesn't work on my phone.

Sorry about that. We are only a startup and didn’t have the money to optimize our little mini game. We do support the iPhone 12 and newer, and most recent Android phones.

By the time we raise funding and build a full game, we’ll think more about optimization. Or maybe you’ll get a new phone. Or play with a friend on her phone.


I need support!

Did you find a bug, or have a question? Do you have an idea for us? 

Contact us! We are only a startup company with a free mini game, but we’ll try to make it right.

The most common problem is that the first time people play, they do it indoors. It’s an outdoor walking game. Go outdoors to learn to play at least that one first time.

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