Many of us at Monsarrat, Inc previously worked at Turbine. Inc, founded in 1994. But what came before? We built world record robots!

That’s right. The original founders and part-time staff of Turbine came from the Brown University Artificial Intelligence Lab, part of the Computer Science Department. We were experts in networking for videogames partly because we had been the first people ever to drive a robot remotely over the Internet, in a project with UPenn, which required network software expertise. That was back in 1993.

Here’s the old-timey video:

The Robot Before Turbine.

Also, to let off the stress of working so hard without any money, we often played pranks on each other. One of them was the famous “Wall of Wheat Puffs” where someone’s office (mine!) was filled completely to the top with breakfast cereal. In another, we destroyed an entire building using just our minds.

Here’s the video!

Company Pranks at Turbine.