Executives at Twitch are looking at a potential partnership with Monsarrat, and invited us to TwitchCon!

There we met streamers, video celebrities who play games and comment for their subscribers, and they loved our forthcoming secret game. Testimonials that we’ll take to Twitch include, “a revolutionary mobile game”, “I see a vast amount of potential”, “this is the next huge idea!”, “All of these factors add up to an awesome game!”, “a perfect game for Twitch to partner with”.

No suit for TwitchCon! We came to meet players.


Fans stood in long lines to meet their favorite Twitch video celebrities.


I snuck onto the main stage of the eSports arena, before the show.


Photo opp booth in the H1Z1 eSports arena, run by Daybreak Games, which bought Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online from Turbine, the major MMO company I founded in 1994.


Backstage in the VIP area where professional eSports players waited their turn in the competition.