Monsarrat, Inc. is hiring! So we’ve reached out to people all across the videogame industry, especially former employees at Turbine, which has gone through some layoffs. It’s a welcome relief to meet people who are “known quantities”. The Monsarrat team has worked with them before, so we don’t need to interview. We just need to show them our moxie.

So on Saturday, we invited dozens of people to the Stone Zoo for their ZooLights nighttime holiday light display. Including families, some 43 attended in the below freezing weather and then about half came afterwards to a dinner at Bickford’s, a pancake house.

We traded old Turbine stories, and it was like a reunion. I also shared some new stories about Monsarrat, Inc., including our super secret videos and business plan. The attendees was thrilled. It seems like we built our entire team in just one night!

Because many still have day jobs, I’ve blacked out all the faces except for advisor Gong Ke Gouldstone, advisor Les Nelken, and board member Craig Alexander. And me.


Huge gathering of job-seekers and company advisors at the Stone Zoo’s “ZooLights”, their holiday light display.


At dinner, I showed this old photo from the first year at Microsoft, when they weren’t a success yet. They look geeky and hopeless. We look geeky and hopeless too, so here’s to a bright future with you all at Monsarrat, Inc.!