We keep hearing that AR games would be good for tourist destinations and historical tours.

So on our recent trip to California, Brian and I brought the prototype to a Civil War re-enactment in San Francisco.

Of course the re-enactors were all history buffs who had heard of Age of Empires, the game franchise that Brian co-created. He was quite the celebrity!

We met some high school students taking a photography class who were on a field trip with their teacher, and corraled them into helping. They got some great shots of ghosts from the past using our game of the future!

Civil War re-enactors in front of Alcatraz in San Francisco


Explaining the game to Union soldiers.


Civil War re-enactors using the prototype by the Golden Gate Bridge.


Johnny Monsarrat and Brian Sullivan


A group of photography students on a field trip from Sacramento helped us out. Thanks!