Last week the Monsarrat team flew out to London and Cardiff! We met with the BBC on the possibility of licensing the Doctor Who characters and world to use in our forthcoming game. Doctor Who is of course the British science fiction show that’s been cherished by children and adults for more than 50 years.

To our great surprise, we not only got the VIP tour of the interior of the live, active set of the TARDIS, which is The Doctor’s spaceship, but we got to meet actress Pearl Mackie, who plays The Doctor’s new traveling companion, and Steve Moffat, showrunner and writer. Many thanks especially to Jamie for his time.

If this was a cleverly planned psych out to get us to choose the BBC over other media properties, it may have worked! Having been inspired since childhood by Doctor Who, it would be an honor to work with them to inspire others through a new videogame.

Our host, Bradley, with Lori, Johnny, and Aden at The Doctor Who Experience, a small theme park and museum.

More than Star Trek or Star Wars, it was Doctor Who that inspired me as a kid. I made this doorway and my first fan convention was Doctor Who.

Now with the “real” TARDIS from the museum. I’m using our new mobile game, of course!

With Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who, trying our mobile game prototype. No endorsement is implied.

With Steven Moffat?? I’m losing my mind!!

Keeping it together with our BBC contact Bradley on next season’s current, live set they use for the interior of The Doctor’s spaceship, The TARDIS.

Aden, Johnny, Lori, not quite keeping it together.