Let’s reinvent gaming technology by reinventing the workplace. You need creative freedom. You need a clear, unchanging vision. You need at atmosphere scoured free of drama. You don’t need to move to Boston to work with us: work remotely from home.

Also, if you’re a woman or in a minority, you’re probably tired of websites generically saying they are equal opportunity workplaces, like they’re only saying it because their lawyers made them. At Monsarrat, we really care about diversity. No matter your background, your race, religion, gender, or sexual preference, out or not, or if you’re differently abled, we welcome you. Please apply and let’s make some motherfucking GREATNESS together!

When we hire, your resume experience is less important to us than your attitude and potential. Do you “get it” big time? Do you want to set the world on fire? Do you have the ambition to climb to the top?

We’re hiring in:

  • Game Design
  • Art
  • Community Management
  • Sound Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile App Development
  • Computer Graphics
  • Data Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Game Logic
  • Mapping
  • User Interface Design

Read the story of founding Turbine, add me on LinkedIn, and then write me at to tell me how you have changed the world.

I reply to every email with my first name in the subject line.

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