Join a World Record AR Game Startup Making a Big Hollywood Game!
Technical Artist in Unity3D

Updated 2023-04!

Monsarrat is making a mobile AR walking game in Poland with a big Hollywood franchise! It’s a secret, but it’s one of the big ones like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Previously, our CEO founded a division of Warner Bros.

Monsarrat set a world record for stunt videos playing AR games with monkeys, dolphins, sharks, riding a tank, flying on water jets, and more.

We’re looking for a technical artist to help with lots of tasks, including shaders and lighting in Unity3D. You can work either part-time or full time!

You can work from home, fully remotely, but our team is mostly based in Warsaw so that we can occasionally meet. We have a budget for joint trips to tourist attractions, escape rooms and other games, dinners, all paid by the company. We also buy equipment for you when needed.

Unlike other companies that are mismanaged and constantly in “crunch time”, we have a smooth, no drama operation where everyone is excited to push the boundaries of what has been seen in AR so far. We have absolutely zero overtime. Full-timers get 26 paid vacation days a year. Any contract okay, B2B preferred.


  • Living in Poland, fluent in English and Polish
  • Excellent portfolio in technical art, for example shaders, lighting, VFX
  • Professional experience in Unity3D
  • Creative thinker with visionary ideas
  • Makes friends easily, works well with others
  • Optionally, worked on a AAA 3D video game

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We are eager to hear from you! Contact Johnny Monsarrat at with a portfolio and resume or LinkedIn link, and tell us how you want to change the world!