Last month I visited Israel to give a keynote speech to GameIS, their largest videogames conference. It was the best speech of my life. The day after the conference, we toured Jerusalem and then headed to the Dead Sea at sunset.

It was brutally hot and I didn’t get in the water myself but volunteered to guard the group’s stuff as they swam around.

Of course, I brought along Big Movement Gaming, the new sensation from Monsarrat that takes the best parts of augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and combines them with my team’s acumen and long history (from my previous company, Turbine) with massively multiplayer online games like Lord of the Rings Online.

And guess what, Big Movement Gaming made the Dead Sea better.

Big Movement Gaming also made Israeli Elvis and Marilyn Monroe better!

Note: “Big Mo: The Fated World” is just a generic name we use when showing our prototype to investors and others.