You don’t just sit at a desk with our new mobile AR game. You get up and explore, in the real world. So to dramatize that, we mixed the old and the new by bringing our futuristic new videogame to an American Civil War re-enactment! Of course re-enactors love history, so they love the history-themed videogame franchise Age of Empires, which our Chief Creative Officer Brian Sullivan co-created. Brian was quite a celebrity that day!

Big Movement Gaming is the new videogame experience from Monsarrat. You walk around your neighborhood, seeing curious creatures on your phone through the magic of augmented reality. You can play alone, or meet new people and make friends, in the real world. It’s based on a secret $10 billion TV / movie franchise.

These videos exaggerate with comedy to say that you don’t just sit at a desk to play our games. You really move! But don’t do anything stupid with Big Movement Gaming. To play, you just walk down the sidewalk or through your local park.

To see more stunt videos, pretending to use Big Movement Gaming while parasailing, skydiving, showing it to monkeys, and more, see