Playing outdoors is thrilling, good for mental and physical health.

This is Gaming Now
Physical. Social. Global. Local.

The new videogames don't separate you from life. They are life. They are millions of people who want to play, live and in person in the real world.

Pokémon Go earned $6 billion by getting people to walk, but didn't let them interact. With MMO games, interacting with your friends is the core of the fun! You have adventures on your own and in small groups, form teams, and form communities.

Our team pioneered MMO gaming as former staff of Turbine, which made "Game of the Year" Asheron's Call and Lord of the Rings Online. Now we're making a mobile AR walking game with MMO, map, AI, AR, and advertising technology. And it's based on a secret, A-list Hollywood TV/movie franchise.

With our games, players walk and run in the real world. We retain and monetize players better. We bond strangers into friends.

Play for Years

Pokémon Go lost 80% of their players in just 2 months. Our games keep players for longer, combining the player retention of Massively Multiplayer Online Games, which our founder pioneered, with the "teambuilding exercise" type of bonding you get playing in the real world with a new friend, in augmented reality.